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Personalized Etched or Engraved glassware shows friends and family how special they are to you. Give them personalized bar glasses or even personalized beer mugs that are perfect for any social event or gift.


Thank you for visiting Tom's Glass Works, a family run business, owned, and operated.


What separates us from the competition is the combination of engraving and etching techniques that we use. We offer two engraving techniques.  We offer simple engraving of text, monograms, and feature custom design options.  We also offer satin etching of your custom logo along with or without text options.  We also offer professional graphic design logo/image clean up for customers seeking help making their logo reproducible. There is also an option for your logo or text to be on the backside of your glass.  With the use of both engraving and etch options so we can create unique gifts that stands out against the rest of the competition. We offer our customers the ability to create their customized pieces.


Located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, our new facility is a modern design and manufacturing facility five times larger than our previous site.   We have a professionally trained staff of graphic designers, skilled operations and quality staff to produce orders in-house.   Our website,www.tomsglassworks.com, was first created in the late 90's when the internet was just getting started. The website has grown in size to what it is today, offering one of the largest assortments of personalized  engraved products in glass, crystal and metal that you will find along with a commitment to low prices and the customers satisfaction. We have an engraving process that is perfect for reproducing and engraving logos, engraving custom images, custom text or a particular font style.  We also offer metal engraving and have a full line of various personalized metal, silver, pewter and stainless products to choose from. 

 All items are produced in house in North Carolina.  We do not subcontract any of our work.  In order to continue our dedication to customer service and quality workmanship, we are investing in new equipment, processes, personnel, and new website which are housed in our new facility.   For etching and engraving, we have a dedicated team of employees for the various stages of the process.  It all starts with professional graphic artists who will upload your custom image into our software and clean up the image as required so that it will engrave flawlessly.  Next our highly skilled technicians prepare each stencil for engraving.  Finally, our teams of shipping personnel clean and make ready the finished item for shipping.

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction.  From the moment you place an order, we will take the utmost care in producing your order efficiently whether it is one set of personalized beer mugs or hundreds of personalized bar glasses. Our attention to detail along with the amount of creativity we offer to our customers make us the perfect source for producing that amazing personalized custom engraved gift for the special people in your life. We take extreme pride in every personalized glassware item we produce for our customers. Your total satisfaction is the utmost importance.

Note:  We are North Carolina company and note affiliated with the on-line reviews posted in 2014 for a company with the same name in Florida.